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Q: How far away from the property line can I build my house and accessory structures?

A: Set backs for all yards are listed on the Table of Dimensional Regulations located at the end of the Zoning Chapter of the Village Code (pg81). If the lot is in a major subdivision created after October 14, 1957, or in a minor subdivision created after April 17, 1975, you will be granted set back relief to what the set backs were when the subdivision was created. You will need to bring the documentation from the Town of Southampton when you apply for a building permit. Set backs for a nonconforming lot that are not part of a major or minor subdivision are covered under the Zoning Code Section 602 E (1) and (2) on page 47.

Q: How do I calculate the allowable footage of a garage (attached or detached), roofed covered porches, pool houses, and all other roofed sheds or storage structures?

A: To calculate the allowable square footage of these roofed structures, please refer to Village Code Zoning Chapter Section 502 B (b)(iii) and c on page 32. This section states that you are allowed an extra 15% of the square footage that is actually built to be applied to accessory roofed structures. If the house you built was smaller then the allowable square footage, you can add 30% of the unbuilt allowable square footage to the 15% from the house. Ex: You are allowed to build a 5,000 sf house. You only build a 4,000 sf house. You have 1,000 sf of unbuilt allowable sf. 4,000 x 15% = 600sf 1,000 x 30% = 300sf TOTAL = 900sf of roofed accessory structures

Q: Is a basement or an attic included when calculating square footage?

A: Basements are not included in the calculation of the square footage even if the basement is finished provided that there is no exit to grade level. Attic space is not counted in the square footage calculation.

Q: What is the maximum floor area that I can build a my house?

A: This is explained in the Zoning Chapter of the Village code. It is in Article V, Section 502 on page 32 and the proposed amendment to this section is located on the Home Page to the bottom under Village Codes. The proposed amendments to the Village Codes are listed after the entire list of Village Codes. To calculate the maximum square footage allowed, please read Village Code Zoning Chapter Section 502 B a,b and c starting on page 32 along with the the Amendment to Floor Area Ratio(FAR). These subsections explain what is and is not inlcuded when calculating square footage.

Q: How can I determine what my percentage of lot coverage is for my property.

A: Lot coverage percentages are given in the Zoning Chapter Article V - Section 507(Lot Coverage) on page 37. For lot coverage on a non-conforming lot, please refer to Zoning Chapter Article VI Section 602 E 4 on page 48.

Q: How can I determine which Zoning District I am located in?

A: To determine which R-Zone your property is located in, please refer to Map 5 found in the Village Codes under Zoning Map. You can go to the Home Page, scroll to the bottom and click on Village Code.

Q: Where can I find a copy of the Village Comprehensive Plan and the Village Code and the amendments?

A: The Village Comprehensive Plan and the Village Code along with the proposed amendments can be found on the Home Page at the bottom by clicking on either link.

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Q: When is the next Village Election?

A: The next Village election will be held on Friday, June 21, 2013 from 12:00pm to 9:00pm at the Village Hall located at 3175 Montauk Highway in Sagaponack.

Q: What positions are up for re-election in the June 21, 2013 Village election?

A: There are 2 seats up for re-election in the June, 2013 Village Election: Two Trustee positions. Each term is for 2 years.

Q: How can I become a candidate for one of the open positions in the 2013 Village Election?

A: You must fill out an Independent Nominating Petition.

Q: When is the first day I can have someone sign my independent nominating petition and when is the last day?

A: The first day you may have someone sign your Independent Nominating Petition is April 5, 2013 and the last day is May 17, 2013 which is also the last day that the Village Clerk can accept the petitions.

Q: When are the Village Property Tax Bills mailed to Village property owners?

A: The Village Property Tax Bills are mailed the last 2 weeks in May of each year and are payable from June 1st through July 1st without penalty.

Q: When is my Village Tax Bill due?

A: By July 1st. Payments postmarked after July 2nd will incur a 5% penalty for the month of July and 1% thereafter until the bill is paid.

Q: What happens if I have not paid my Village property tax bill yet?

A: If you do not pay your property tax bill by July 1st, then the bill incurs a penalty which is 5% for the month of July and an additional 1% per month thereafter that the bill remains unpaid.

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